Breaking the Chain: How Toxic Workplace Traits Impact You

Are toxic workplace traits impacting you more than you know?

Toxic behaviours in the workplace, driven by toxic leadership spreads like wildfire and can impact you much more than you know or even realise.

As a leader you are often shielding your team from toxic behaviours in the workplace. Toxic leadership effects everything, it filters down to everything you do. 

As the soaker upper you are often impacting your own happiness at work. Until the situation changes, The toxic behaviour tends not to change, you just continue to soak up. A bit like a sponge.

Working for a boss who pushes you to do better, might challenge you to become your best. But working for a toxic boss could drain your confidence and resilience.

Toxic bosses

Toxic bosses aren’t just bad for employees, they’re damaging to a company’s entire culture.  Researchers found that a toxic leader’s behaviour spreads among the ranks.

Under toxic leadership, employees are more likely to become overly critical of one another. They were more likely to take credit for other people’s work and they behaved more aggressively toward their fellow employees.

On an individual level, toxic bosses can create an environment of fear and mistrust. You may feel like you just can’t speak up.

Toxic bosses can be difficult to identify, as they often hide their true nature behind a mask of charm and charisma. However, there are some signs to look out for, including micromanagement, bullying, and a refusal to accept criticism. 

Tools and resources

Tools and resources are what’s needed, it’s about learning to steer and introduce resources for yourself, so you don’t absorb the toxicity on your shoulders any longer.

Start by identifying where you see the toxic triggers occur, evetime you see a toxic trait, say to yourself its ok. This is what we are going to fix. This is going to help you diffuse the effect of the toxicity on you. 

This will help neutralise and then you can start to steer people into healthier conversations without emotion.

Start with this reframe but, I am also running free weekly training covering amazing topics like this, click into my LinkedIn profile to learn more. My Free weekly training forum is inspired by training I wished I had access to while navigating my career.

If your toxic work culture is niggling away at you and you are doing your very best to shield your team from it, don’t carry this alone over time the niggle will turn into a mountain and take its toll.

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