Don’t Hold Yourself Back from that Amazing Promotion!

You don’t need to be 100 per cent ready for that new promotion to apply

Think of it like stepping stones…… The growth is in the lesson and the journey.

We can all relate to that will I or wont I apply narrative.

When we see a new role advertised at work that peaks our attention.

When a colleague mentions in our ear, did you see that role advertised, you should apply.

You know you should apply; you know you have done the work; you know you have demonstrated 85% of the necessary skills and requirements but despite your great track record and demonstrated skills you find that negative voice inside you telling you that you should not apply, you still have some development and growth to do…. You just need to deliver to this next big milestone which will make you even more qualified for the role and then you will apply, so you tell yourself this role looks out of reach. 

Before you give up, though, know this

That negative voice is your imposter syndrome trying to keep you safe. Every time we come out of our comfort zones and into situations that are new. It will feel uncomfortable and it becomes a place for our imposter to play havoc with our thoughts.

The reality is that none of us will ever be fully ready for that new role.  We all have growth and development areas as well as some fine tuning to do. We are all learning and developing our skills. This is how we grow by actually coming out of our comfort zones. 

The real place of growth and learning for all of us is in the lesson and the journey!

Few people appreciate the full scope of skills they bring to the table.

 I understand that you don’t want to waste your time applying for a role you think you are not skilled for. (Hiring managers don’t want to waste their time either.) However, there’s a difference between not being skilled and having strong transferable skills that you’re not even aware of.

Feeling not ready to take the next step In your career is  a common area I partner with to support my clients.  Often my clients have a goal to move up in their career and to get promoted. 99% of the time they tell me about the job description and how they home in on requirements in the job description they believe they don’t have.

To help overcome the doubts, I advise my clients to get started by listing as many of your experiences, skills, accolades, and past wins as possible. Think outside the box here. 

Ask yourself

  • What good things would past supervisors and co-workers say about me? What about friends, Who else thinks I’m amazing—and why?
  • How have I contributed beyond what’s easy to measure? Am I a natural leader? Have I served on a company culture committee? Where have I added extra value.
  • What have I accomplished that is generally seen as badass and wonder woman (even if it seems unrelated to the role)?
  • How have I failed spectacularly in the past? Count this as a win too, because a willingness to stick your neck out and show up  can be a win if positioned properly.
  • What might my prospective company need based on its unique situation (maturity, employee demographics,) that I might be able to provide, even if it’s outside the official job description?
  • What degrees or certifications do I hold?
  • If  the requirement is new to me, how would I approach it if I was successful in this new role.

This is going to be a long list, and that’s OK.  Getting all your intellectual property down on paper will make you realise you have more to offer here than you know. 

Good luck with that application, you got this!

If you have your eyes on a promotion but your own self-doubt is holding you back, I would love to support you.

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