From Comparison to Confidence: A Lesson for Executive Leaders

Don’t let the comparison trap steal your joy!

The trap of comparing yourself to others is a dangerous one. In this digital age we live in it’s too easy for us to spend time scrolling Facebook and Instagram wondering why you don’t have what others have and why you have not progressed as much in your life.

Please remember when you are in this comparison mode, social media is only showing 1 side of the coin, you don’t see the reality of the high-flying career jet setter, the reality can be long flights, lots of travel time, many hours away from family or friends missing out on key moments. 

We all get caught in the comparison trap, looking at the wonderful accomplishments and achievements of others and that voice in our head pipes up and says” why have you not achieved this” why are you not as successful as them.

I know now, there’s no point in comparing myself to other amazing coaches and business people operating in this industry, but to be honest for a while I was firmly stuck in the comparison trap and I spent time and energy scrolling and comparing my new business to established businesses.

I killed my joy at times and didn’t allow myself to celebrate my own successes because I was too caught up with comparing myself to others. When I was in this trap reality was forgotten and I was not thinking about the hard days and long slogs those entrepreneurs I was comparing myself to had endured to get to where they were today, they deserved every moment of their success and their accolades. I needed to learn how to stop my unhealthy comparisons and celebrate my own successes and stop devaluing myself and my efforts.

You have probably done the same in different aspects of your life. Do not put yourself down just because you don’t have the perfect career, holidays, partner, family, house, job, holidays, pet, I’m here to tell you NOBODY DOES!!!!!

Stuck in the comparison trap

When you find yourself stuck in the comparison trap, here are a few of my tips to get firmly out of the trap:

  • Remember that no one is an overnight success! It takes a lot of work.
  • Stop looking at everyone else on social media and make your own memories! Focus on you!
  • Save the energy you use looking at other people’s lives and start making changes in your own.
  • Focus on your own goals, you are right where you should be, it will all happen in its own good time with focus. Stay focused.
  • Repeat after me: You do you!

It is so easy to get drawn into this trap of comparison and self-doubt, but you can rise about it.

Don’t let the comparison trap steal your joy!

Celebrating your own successes

Are you tired of feeling stuck in the comparison trap and not celebrating your own successes?

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Don’t let the comparison trap steal your joy any longer.

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