How to Tame Your Inner Critic and Thrive at Work

Does your inner critic have a name?

I am an empathetic and encouraging person. That’s regarding how I interact with other people.

If we’re talking about my relationship with myself, I have had a completely different rule book.

My inner critic was so loud, dominant, and intrusive I called her Mrs Trunchbull, have you read the book Mathilda by Roald Dahl?

Yes, my inner critic was so loud and intense I compared her to the horrible, nasty headmistress from the novel.

Here she is…..

Over the years I have learned a new balance of compassion for myself, but wow has it taken a lot of effort.  There are certainly still instances when Trunchbull arrives with loud, critical thoughts. In fact, she is predictable since I’ve identified the common situations where my inner critic shows up. I’m prepared now with tools for how to work through it and I’m happy to share my favourite tools and tips with you!

What is the inner critic?

The inner critic refers to an inner voice that judges, criticizes, or demeans a person. A highly active inner critic can take a toll on one’s emotional wellbeing and self-esteem.

This inner critic can be like a nagging voice that questions each decision and undermines each accomplishment, and it can leave a person with difficult feelings such as embarrassment and fear.

We would not speak to others in the way we speak to ourselves, the inner critic causes us to be our own worst enemy, it can be a hostile, judgemental advisor.

Our inner critic exists in different degrees and variations in all of us, the way we are viewed growing up and some of our experiences as children shape how we see ourselves, harmful views often expressed to us by parents, peers, siblings or often teachers are internalised and make up our self-image and how we see ourselves.

The work environment

The work environment is where the inner critic can have a field day. My inner critic has massively undermined me at work. Here are some of the scenarios where my inner critic has shown up at work in the past.

  • Getting critical feedback, 
  • Making a mistake,
  • Having a day that was not productive,
  • Comparing to others,

In the above scenarios my inner critic would arrive sit on my shoulder and loudly judge my performance and actions.

When you find your inner critic in full play remember this is not a reflection of reality.

  • The best way to quite your inner critic is to build a relationship with it,
  • When it shows up separate its judgemental thoughts from your own, 
  • Get curious as to why its showing up in the first place, if there are patterns then you can be even more prepared to greet it,
  • Rephrase the critics narrative back to it but in YOUR language which will be kinder, less judgemental, and more realistic.
  • Do what I did and name it, some people call it their gremlin, some people call it Pamela, just pick a name you can relate to that works for you.

Next time your inner critic shows up start by identifying it and building a relationship with it. The inner critic opinion is not reality. 

You deserve better, stop letting your inner critic magnify the negative and minimize your positive efforts at work!

I love supporting female leaders like you build a relationship with their inner critic, if you would like to have a chat about how I can help you quieten your critic too, book a discovery call.

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