Navigating Challenges in Your New Dream Job: Turning Mountains into Niggles

Turning mountains into niggles, what to do when your new Dream job doesn’t go to plan.

You accepted a new DREAM role and have resigned from your current position, Congratulations! You are excited and eagerly preparing to embark on your new career adventure.

You have been dreaming about this new role for years, you put in the groundwork, proved yourself, you did it! That new Senior Directors Role awaits you.

The first ninety days in a new position are where reality sets in and you and your team are ensuring that it is a strong fit both for you and for them.

The big day has arrived, induction training and onboarding day 1.

It’s not long before some niggles start to arrive in your mind.

The onboarding feels reactive and poorly prepared.

The pre planned meetings that have been organised for you feel off track and premature.

But its only day 1 so you push those niggles to the back of your mind.

Unfortunately, the pattern doesn’t improve, you conclude you and your new employer are not on the same page and its just not a good fit.

That niggle now feels like a mountain, you feel panic set it, what do you do now, where do you go from here?

Firstly, don’t panic. You do have options, and this may not be as much of a crisis as you think it is. 

Grab a pen and paper and start to list the options that you have,

Is your old job an option?

Sometimes going back to your old job is an option. Provided you left on good terms its totally acceptable to explore this avenue. Maybe their recruitment process is not going to plan, and it would be music to their ears to have you back. At the end of the day, you know their business.

Giving the new job a chance

Change can be hard, and it could be that you just got off to a rocky start. Talk to your new manager and explain your concerns, recruitment processes can be costly and time consuming its in your new managers interest to find a compromise and work things out.

Start to job search

If all other options are off the table. Its ok to start searching again. Start Networking with your contacts and get your CV back into circulation. Be honest when you’re asked why you’re leaving a job you just started (and you will be).

As in life, sometimes things don’t go to plan, stay positive and know you are being routed in a new direction for a reason, trust it will all work out.

Key Takeaways

Don’t Panic: You have options, and this temporary reversal may lead you to a better opportunity.

Professionalism Pays Off: Always be sure to resign gracefully and leave on good terms. You may be able to return to an old job or use your former colleagues as a reference for a new job.

Be Prepared to Explain Why You’re Leaving: Stay positive but be honest. It’s fine to say that a job just wasn’t a good fit. position didn’t work out, so think about appropriate answers prior to interviewing.

If you are in this situation, it can feel lonely, be sure to talk to someone you can trust, hiring a professional coach like me is a great way to stay objective and keep you accountable while building your new plans.

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