Putting yourself out there, having the confidence to be really seen

Having confidence is so important because how you see yourself is how others will see you too

Putting yourself out there and having the confidence to be really seen, not just seen can be a scary and daunting thought. Even the most confident and self-assured among us fear being judged. Being visible and putting yourself out there can be terrifying. It’s scary, often because of judgement and being worried about what people will think. 

Visibility is not vanity. Far from it. It’s an essential part of progressing in your career. People fear being seen and feel more comfortable hiding behind the walls of their office or the panels of their desk, when building your career, presence is key to the success of your career progression. 

It’s true people will talk about you. It’s also true people will judge you. People will think you’re big headed if you talk about what’s going well in your career.  People will think your career is low level if you don’t talk about your successes. And some people out there will decide they don’t like you even when they don’t know you, the good news is others will love you and what you stand for. They’ll become your fans and your biggest work advocates.  These people are the ones you show up for. 

Visibility is essential to succeed in your career

The easiest way to explain why visibility and putting yourself out there for the purpose of your career is important is to first paint a picture of what it’s like when you don’t do it or have a presence at work. You put yourself forward for a next step or promotion you want, telling colleagues about your intentions and sadly you don’t get the reaction you had been hoping for. You have no idea if your seen as a good, average, or an amazing candidate. No one responds as you hoped because you have not been visible at work, promoting your brand, your values and what you stand for…… imagine silence….. Nada.

The brilliant work you do will go unnoticed unless you understand the importance of building a following at work.

Many of my clients talk to me about their mixed emotions when it comes to being visible at work. These emotions are often a mix of not being able to control the narrative of what others think and fearing being judged.  I work with my clients to focus on connecting with their future self and what their career will be like, how it will be different once they start to become more visible at work.

If you are stuck in your career and know that your next career step is highly dependent on embracing yourself and becoming more visible, try these tips to create action and get you moving forward.

Tip 1 – What you put out there comes back

If you want a thriving career, then you must make decisions from that place, as opposed to where you are right now.

Realising what you put out there comes back is so important.

Instead of holding yourself and watching from the side-lines, join that committee you want to be part of, give your input as the true expert that you are, build your network and your career advocates.

Tip 2 – Fortune favours the brave

Making big decisions paves the way to attracting so much more into your life and career. Stop putting Important decisions off.

I know it feels uncomfortable – but the magic is on the other side of this.

Step forward into growth.

Take that risky decision you have been procrastinating about.  Speak up against that policy you have disagreed with for many months and articulate your thoughts as to why authentically as you.

Tip 3 – Don’t avoid the difficult things

Stop telling yourself you’re “not ready” and delaying things by weeks or months.

Avoiding the difficult things because, they’re difficult. Is not the answer. For how many months now have you skirted around asking for that salary Increase that is playing on your mind, you have proven your worth and value in abundance.

These are not the actions of a leader at the helm of their career making waves and creating an impact as they move. 

I love supporting my clients connect with their inner bad ass and go on to embrace visibility at work. I can help you too.

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