Recognise Your Strategic Superpower

Remember, no one is born strategic. We learn to be it!

Not feeling strategic?

Feeling strategic, what does it even mean?

If the word strategic makes you want to run for the hills because you don’t see yourself as strategic, 

If you break out in hives or tummy knots when your boss asks you for a detailed strategy. 

Don’t panic, you are not alone!

Remember, no one is born strategic. We learn to be it!

A strategic plan doesn’t need to be all bells and whistles, often when we hear the word strategy, we instantly over complicate things.

If you are a female leader or business owner who has strategic responsibilities but just doesn’t identify this way, Or do you automatically pigeonhole yourself as not being strategic because that’s not how you see yourself.

Change your mindset

Today I invite you to take the pressure off and think of it like this,

What if I told you a strategy is just a good plan, would that take the pressure off?

I bet you’re a bloody great planner and you can follow a plan with military precision?

I bet your plans are very detailed with change Goals and milestones well though through?

I bet your strategy is connected to overarching business objectives and you find red thread to link the themes together?

See your already doing it! Your being strategic without even realising it!

Implement Strategy

Many of the women I work with hear the word strategy and struggle, they have a misconception that they cant be strategic. The reality is when we sit down together and peel it back, they can immediately generate evidence of how they are acting strategic in their careers.

Unfortunately, the world around us tells us that women are not as strategic as their male counterparts, is this true?  Absolutely not!

Why are women perceiving themselves this way? Because women pay attention to a broad spectrum of factors as they formulate strategy, the financial outcomes they must deliver, how the strategy fulfils the purpose of the team and business overall. Women frame strategy from the inputs they receive around them; men often formulate the goal and figure out the most direct path to get there. 

As women when we articulate our strategy, we should also take the time to describe the important other factors that influenced how we arrived at it. This can often be an area we omit as we don’t always see that our colleagues find this part beneficial. This is your superpower; you have collected data and research as to why your strategy is formulated as it is.

Not being viewed as strategic because you develop strategies differently than your male counterparts is not a weakness and does not mean you are not strategic. Don’t let your view of strategic thinking bias how you view others’ contribution to strategy.

So, if you are a women in leadership or with your own business and you have been categorising yourself as non-strategic today I invite you to sit with a pen and paper and look at the evidence in your career where you are strategic, reframe that belief.

Let’s be honest, you would not be where you are today if you were not strategically focused.

I love supporting female leaders and business owners find their strategic voice and I can help you too.

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