Unlock Your Potential: Tips for Setting Achievable Goals Anytime – Even After January!

Don’t stress that January is past; it’s never too late to start setting goals

Are you always looking for ways to move forward in your career? 

Are you are thinking a lot about what you would like to achieve and your goals?

You will never have enough time to do everything, nor will you have time to achieve every goal you want at once. You will need to be selective about what you want to achieve and the important goal you want to conquer.

Get selective about that important goal

The first priority is to define your goal clearly and then set a realistic time frame for when you want to have achieved it. You will already know this important piece of advice regarding realistic timeframes and goals but it is so important and a fundamental for succeeding with your goals.

After defining your goal the key to advancing towards your goals is to take action immediately, find ways to improve your approach or your personal process. Essentially your approach and personal process is a road map for you! Making you more focused and less stressed as you embark on your goal setting adventure. You also want to inject the fun into the journey towards achieving your goals don’t be too serious along the way.

The reality is that we’re only productive for about 2 hours per day. We spend most of the day doubting our self  and our abilities to make our goals happen. We spend much of our time questioning and overthinking. The good news is we need it to be like this, in order for us to grow, to evolve and to step out of our comfort, zone. Achieving goals is all about the journey, coming out of our comfort zone and our process to get there. The questioning is ok, it’s part of the process and don’t beat yourself up when you observe its happening, embrace it, lean in, recognize its part of the process to achieve your goal. The questioning is a good thing it helps us to assess pitfalls and evaluate thoroughly our approach.

The perfect moment

For most people I talk to, they think that they have to wait for the perfect moment to start achieving goals and make that perfect task list to help them get there, but the reality is there will never be a perfect time. The best time to start is always today. The trick for me has always been don’t delay, start today- make that task list, this is the very first step towards achieving your goals. Making a task list with the list of tasks you need to accomplish to achieve your goals will break that goal down into bite size chunks and make the road towards the goal appear less scary and more manageable. Don’t delay, make that task list today! Done is better than perfect.

The best motivational tool in the world is progress. When we feel like we’re moving forward in life we stay motivated. Progress is achieving those tasks on your task list that will in turn achieve that big goal. Remember to allow yourself the time to celebrate that amazing progress! Don’t forget the role of consistency in your process; you have made the plan now commit to it. 

My Granny always says Rome was not built in a day; probably my favourite piece of advice, this advice also applies to you when your setting goals allow time for the process to take shape and the magic to happen.

Key Takeaways

  • Define your goal- get selective, Set a timeline for achieving it,
  • Be intentional about your process, but remember to have fun along the way,
  • The questioning is a good thing, 
  • Make that task list today, 
  • Be consistent and commit, 
  • Celebrate your progress!!! 
  • Allow the time for the process to take shape. 

Follow these 7 tips and I promise you those big scary goals won’t seem so scary at all.


I have read a lot of books about goal setting and forming habits over the years and my all-time favourite is called “Eat that Frog’ by Brian Tracey. This book is very practical and outlines actionable tips and strategies to help you get the most important things done today! At only 144 pages it’s easy to digest even for those with the most action-packed days.

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