Why Are You Failing At Setting Goals?

Goal setting is a small craft you need to master, but when you crack it you’re on the pigs back!

Keeping In with the theme of my goal setting tips blog shared earlier this month, I wanted to connect back to you and recap on why people usually fail at goal setting.

Goal setting is a small craft you need to master, but when you crack it you’re on the pigs back! Even though you may be an avid “Goal Setter”, are you a successful “Goal achiever”? The reality is, even if we set goals it does not guarantee we will achieve the goal successfully in the end.

In my line of work I speak about goal setting regularly and here are the main reasons I see when goal setting fails:

1, Setting Goals that are either too big or too small

Goals too big will just leave you exhausted and worn out, these will be impossible to achieve and you will likely give up.

Goals that are too small will not challenge you which will consequently make you think that those goals are just not worth achieving.

This is a bit like Goldie locks and the 3 bears; you need to find the porridge that is just right!

2, Setting goals that are not specific and are too vague

Goals that are too vague and not specific mean you are not intentional about the goal and this is not good for your subconscious mind. Be specific and intentional about that goal- taking the time to be specific will help a lot when it goes to mapping your goal into your task list when you need to break that goal down into bite sized chunks.

3, Poor action planning

Fail to plan, plan to fail; great things come from equally great planning. Your plan does not need to be fancy and full of formulas and illustrations.  It’s basically a list of tasks you need to achieve step by step to meet your goal. Sound achievable?

Even if you have the best plan in the world, if you don’t commit to that plan, take action against that plan you will not be winning. You need to perform daily activities that will bring you closer to that goal.

4, Not identifying the benefits and rewards of achieving your goals

This is a big one, I always encourage my clients when they are goal setting to visualize and tap into a future state when they have achieved their goal. Reflect on what they feel like once they have achieved that goal. Imagine how great it feels!! It really pays off to identify and list all the good things you can have when you achieve your goal. It makes you more invested in the outcome.

5, Not having bounce back ability

As in life, bad days happen. When it comes to goal setting often a pitfall can be sharing goals with others and not receiving the encouragement you hoped for. This can lead to discouragement when you are excited about your journey. If this happens you have to ignore the words, be emotionally strong and move on. Do not allow this discouragement to set you back. You are better than any discouraging words!

6, Not seeking help from others

You are not an island!

In all the goal planning processes I have been involved in I have not witnessed a single goal plan that has been achieved alone. You need the support of those around you. Without support, love, encouragement, motivation and even guidance from those around you, especially family and friends.

I wish you the very best of luck on your goal setting journey and I genuinely hope you feel a little more informed and aware about some of the pitfalls people regularly fall into.

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