Why do people work with an Executive Leadership Coach?

This is one of the first questions I am usually asked by people I meet

Before we look at the many reasons people work with a coach let’s look at what coaching is,

The international coaching federation, ICF  Is the leading global organisation for coaches and the ICF describes coaching as

“Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.”

  • We assume the coachee is the expert of their own story and the coach facilitates the coachee to arrive at their own conclusion and AHA moments. 
  • The coach acts as the bridge to move the client forward. 
  • Coaching always starts in the present moment and not in the past, coaching creates movement forward.
  • Coaching challenges in a pre-agreed and respectful way, the client is firmly in control.

People look for a coach for many different reasons usually they are seeking a change and coaches Like me help their  clients come to their own decisions about how to “maximise their personal and professional potential,” per the International Coaching Federation. In other words,  professional coaches help you figure out what you want to do and understand assumptions you’re making about yourself that are preventing you from advancing in your professional  goals.

The main reasons my clients tend to engage me as their coach include

  • They are seeking to move forward in their career and need to set goals to progress,  the lack of progression is making them question their ability
  • They have a confidence gap and work harder to validate themselves,
  • They people please and fear taking risks,
  • They have received constructive feedback that keeps them awake at night and need support to gain that much wanted promotion,
  • Moving up to a new role, they lack confidence and need a strategy and a soundboard,
  • They are struggling to juggle so many balls in the air, They feel overwhelmed and burnt out.
  • They feel unhappy in their career and at work and even with life overall,
  • They feel fundamentally stuck and unaligned to their needs and wants at work,
  • They are stressed  due to the lack of family and personal time

I support my clients to

  • Reduce stress & boost wellbeing at work, 
  • Create more quality time for them and for their family
  • Building confidence, so they feel on top of the world, UNSTOPPABLE!
  • Learning how to not undermine themselves and feel CONTENT!
  • Strategising and prioritising for their own success, be the best version of themselves!
  • Networking and self brand promotion, learning to look at the importance of this area.
  • Clarifying how they add value to their organisation and learning how to communicate that effectively
  • Developing a sense of inward approval despite potentially negative outside feedback,
  • Looking at personal achievements and success in a healthy way, learning how to CELEBRATE The small stuff.
  • Controlling negative self talk, overcoming self doubt,
  • Setting boundaries, learning to navigate your own ship!
  • Learning to value yourself and your worth as a leader.

People often confuse coaching with mentoring

People often confuse coaching with mentoring and struggle to identify if they need the services of a coach or a mentor or even therapy.

All three development mechanisms are very different. Mentoring is focused on giving advice and offering solutions and most mentors have experience in the role of the person that they are working with while Therapy is focused on overcoming events from the past that are potentially causing challenges for the client and providing skills and tools on how to be in the present.

Coaches do not usually provide advice or do they spend time in the past. It can be common if you are using a professional coach and you are stuck or challenged by an event from your past your coach may suggest for you to explore the approach and services of a therapist.

Coaching is a conversation that uses listening and questioning tools and techniques to understand where a client is right now & where they want to go next. Coaching assumes that the client already has the answers, but lacks the confidence or clarity to move forward. Clients interested in using the services of a coach need to be willing themselves and not referred by a third party.

Everyone can benefit from coaching, not just leaders or those with big career plans. Recently themes like parenting coaching, small entrepreneur coaching, menopause coaching  and divorce coaching have increased in popularity and what we can take from this is that everyone seeking a change or embarking on a change in their life can benefit from the skills of a professional coach. 

As a coach, it is my job to create a safe and confidential space for my clients to solve their doubts and move forward, creating clarity about the future they really want, and looking at present behaviours to discover what is standing in their way and stalling them from moving forward to achieve the success they really desire.

 I love helping women in leadership like you reach their career goals, If you are thinking about coaching and how it could help you in your career and life, please get in touch. I offer a complimentary Discovery call.

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