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Here's how I can help you to discover your remarkable leadership talents

The fact is YOU wouldn’t be where you are right now if you didn’t have what it takes to be an impactful female leader. You just need the strategies and tools to unlock this innate talent.

This might be you right now:

  • You’ve been promoted into your dream role but it hasn’t quite gone to plan and you aren’t feeling supported or seen
  • The position you are in feels quite isolated, and you don’t have a support network to confide in 
  • The technical skills that got you here, excelling in your field, are being used less and less as you’ve risen through the ranks 
  • The feeling of pressure and stress with the heavy workload feels overwhelming and you don’t have an off switch
  • You might be feeling like you are not making the impact you wanted to before you took on the role, you find yourself playing it safe 
  • There is a clock ticking for you to make significant changes from both above and below
  • You spend a lot of your time on burning topics and firefighting rather than strategic direction

How Can I Help You?

You deserve to reach your full potential


This high-touch 12-week transformational programme is specifically for remarkable female leaders who are looking to thrive in their roles and in the boardroom.

Boardroom Breakthrough®

  • 12 weeks of working together
  • Personalised communication style assessment
  • 90 min kick-off session,
  • Bi-weekly 121 coaching sessions
  • Access to member vault with valuable resources
  • Interactive online environment
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • Drop in access to me via Voxer


This is a 90-minute session before you start a new role, to help set you up for success.

PowerStart Session

  • Custom success & personality profile 
  • Daily Voxer support for the first month in your new role


This 1-hour session can be used to get executive-level support from me for any career topic.

Pick My Brains


Discover how to manage the transformation you are looking to create in your life.

Transformation Toolkit

Mini Course

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